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Preorders Status - Target Ship Dates

NameEstimated Ship DateNotes
Cancer Pin Club + BB CrabbyLate Sep 2021In production
Gemini Pin Club + BB BirbsSep 2021In production
Baby CapricornLate Sep 2021In production
Baby LibraLate Sep 2021In production
Kitty TumblersLate nov 2021Sampling
Bunny tumblersLate nov 2021Sampling
Kitty Ita bag????Sampling
Cloud Ita BagsLate Oct 2021Delayed* See Kickstarter Updates
Zodiac Display BannerAug 2021Shipped
Soon UterusAug 2021Shipped
Pay me PupperAug 2021Shipped
Wave 2 Covid Vaccine PinsAug 2021Shipped
Taurus Pin Club + Mini CowsAug 2021Shipped mostly
Aries Pin Club + Mini RamsAug 2021Shipped mostly

Cloud Ita Bag Kickstarter

Preorders have closed. Bags will drop on in Fall 2021

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